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Seasoned greetings from New Orleans

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  • Seasoned greetings from New Orleans

    Hello everybody! I found this forum via the podcast and I'm excited to be here. I've been playing instruments/making music on and off for most of my life. I started off on the viola, then moved on to the violin. I picked up a bass guitar and was in a series of shitty do-nothing bands in high school, then started playing guitar and piano. I got really into EDM about five years ago and made a bunch of uninspired, generic, paint-by-the-numbers house and dubstep tracks that weren't good enough to release, got discouraged, and decided to "focus more time on my real career".

    About two years ago I moved to New Orleans and stumbled across a vibrant experimental electronic scene. I fell in love with harsh noise and got a mixer and some el cheapo guitar pedals. I finally started making "music" that had it's own sound, something I could listen to and hear my thumbprint in, something I was proud of. I started experimenting with soundscapes and field recordings and softened my sound from "belt sander on a cheese grater" to something a bit more chilled and laid back which has now settled solidly into what I consider ambient.

    I much prefer working with hardware as opposed to softsynths. I get overwhelmed by the options presented on a computer and spend too much time perfecting the "sound" and not enough time worrying about "The Sound". I also find it far easier to set up a keyboard and some effects modules at a show then to worry about hauling around a computer and praying everything works the way it's supposed to (which it never does). My current favorite baby is a Yamaha SY77. It's full of sweet syrupy FM sounds as well as digital samples and when different sounds are layered together they usually fit together nicely. I'm excited to learn about some new production techniques. I would really like to start adding some sparse rhythmic elements into what I do but drum programming has always been my bane. I'm also interested in learning more about the processing/mastering stage and I would like to share what I've learned using a hardware based setup to make ambient music.

    On Facebook I'm Atlas Knelt
    Here is a link to my SoundCloud
    The only thing on my Bandcamp right now is a noise album but if you are into that sorta thing I would recommend headphones. I am working on an ambient album but am having a hard time narrowing down over 5 hours of tracks to something that is a reasonable length.....
    soundcloud | facebook | bandcamp

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    Welcome Gulf Coast neighbor.


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      That's a cool musical journey you're on - welcome!


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        Hi, nice to have you here.

        "spend too much time perfecting the "sound" and not enough time worrying about "The Sound"."

        That's profound and wise indeed. I came to that conclusion a while back while messing around with someones crap ukulele. The thing wouldn't stay any where near a conventional tuning, pegs actually slipped as you tuned but made a cool sliding sound as they did. Realised I was having more fun and coming up with more interesting sounds messing around with that physical instrument than I had with a softsynth in a DAW for ages. Just wished my phones mic had made a better recording...
        Latest release: never to be repeated

        Hearthis | Soundcloud


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          Welcome to AO! Glad you found your way here. You've already contributed to our community! :thumbsup: