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Diversity 2 for Diversion released on patchpool

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  • Diversity 2 for Diversion released on patchpool

    I just released my second soundset for Diversion:

    Diversity 2 contains 103 patches including 3 variations for the unique Diversion synth by Dmitry Sches. As with the update version 1.3 Diversion was enabled to play samples, both in normal sampling- and granular mode, this soundset contains 1.35 Gigabytes of samples, half of which were created especially for this set, the other half borrowed from other patchpool libraries.

    Organic and electronic textures and soundscapes, vocal textures, field recordings and acoustic instruments like woodwinds, brass, cello, guitars and chromatic/achromatic percussion instruments meet digital oscillators, by intermodulating these sources via ring modulation and FM synthesis new sounds are born, which can be diverse to the extreme. Ethereal textures and angelic whispers meet dark and disconcerting drones, vivid sequences meet minimalistic rhythms, warm pads clash with cold metallic sounds, pristine glass textures are absorbed by surreal and futuristic soundscapes, expressive leads are counterpointed with noises from another sound dimension.

    Besides the sample content dozens of new single-cycle waveforms were created in- and outside of Diversion to expand the sonic palette of this library, complex modulation routings were used to create animated and expressive sounds usable for a wide variety of musical styles.

    All patches have the x/y-pad assigned, many also use Aftertouch. This enables the Diversionist to interact with the sounds and shape them expressively.

    The samples are embedded in the presets, so there is no need to install a separate sample folder. As in some patches a sample is used twice (e.g. by layering sampling and granular modes), the installed library size (1.96 GB) is larger than the actual size of the sample content (1.35 GB). If you want to use the samples outside Diversion (please respect the licence agreement when doing so) or store them in your Diversion library, just save the wavs in Diversion’s sample editor.

    You can view/download the PDF for Diversity 2 with more details, the licence agreement and the patch list including detailed descriptions for each patch here.

    Patch categories:
    • *Bells & Plucks (5 + 2 variations)
      *Synths & Basses (4)
      *Leads (3)
      *Pads (9)
      *Soundscapes & Drones (36)
      *Sequencer / Arps (10 + 1 variation)
      *Brass & Woodwinds (6)
      *Strings & Guitars (12)
      *Percussion (5)
      *Sound FX (10)

    • *103 patches including 3 variations
      *1.35 GB of samples, 126 wavs/48 Khz/24 Bit/stereo - 1.96 GB installed
      *Requires a minimum 2 GB of free disk space on the system drive

    Price (paypal): € 33 EUR
    Product page.

    All demos in were produced entirely with Diversion using only patches from Diversity Vol. 2, no post-processing was applied apart from a limiter on the master outputs. Some volume automation was applied if several instances of Diversion were used in a demo.

    Here are some videos for this set:

    Thank's for reading
    Simon Stockhausen