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Alpha Wave Movement "Harmonic Currents" New Release Pure Classic Ambient

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  • Alpha Wave Movement "Harmonic Currents" New Release Pure Classic Ambient

    The latest Alpha Wave Movement "Harmonic Currents" is now available on CD or Digital Download.

    A harmonious two track release primarily created in silent reflection that is 90% live and in the moment. All music was conceived on a very minimal arrangement of electronics mainly one analog and two digital PCM synthesizers with little to no use of a computer except for the final recording stage.

    "Inspired by the hypnagogic lure of the vast ocean. A two composition ode to the muse of the liquid cosmos of deep enigmatic allure. A crystalline molecular matrix of electronic sound and gossamer timbral aesthetics. A subtle quietude of articulation that oscillates within the harmonic currents."

    Earthen originally released this year (early 2015) is now available in a jewel case version with new artwork. The music is identical to the original pressing which went out of print early this year.

    Available at