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  • Hardware Synth and FX For Sale

    Hello. I'm new here, so I hope this is the right place to post this. I have a few pieces of gear for sale:

    Yamaha SK-20 Analog synth, strings, brass. ( I'm Asking $300 obo.

    Like New Korg KPE1 Kaoss Pad Entrancer: It's like a Kaoss Pad 2, but also processes video. These are getting rare. ( I'm asking $800 obo. It's only been used to test it out when I first got it, otherwise it has been stored in its box.

    Electrix Filter Factory and Mo-FX. and I'm asking $225 each, or $400 for both. (obo)

    I'm also open to further bundling, or interesting trades.

    Send me a PM if interested. I can provide actual photos of the items.

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    Welcome to the forums bamidon!

    I have to preface this welcome post with a little backstory...bamidon and I went to college together and met 11 years ago in an audio production class...we lost touch but then randomly ran into each other last night at a party at an art gallery!!! How crazy is that? Even crazier is he produces some very amazing dark ambient under the moniker "compartment music" which you should all definitely check out.

    Welcome to ambient online my friend!!! Feel free to formally introduce yourself and share some of your music when you have some time.


    S1gns Of L1fe
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