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eventide space, a question

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  • eventide space, a question

    Hello. As a lot of you know, I am an ambient musician who is also blind and I've been thinking about getting the eventide space pedal but I had a couple of questions.
    First, I use a roland fa08 hooked up to my computer via USB for recording so if I wanted to incorporate this pedal into the setup, would I need an external mixer or could I run the roland through the pedal and then plug that via USB into my computer, especially for live performances?
    2. Does this pedal have a lot of menuse or would it be pretty easy to figure out which each control does based on the sound it generates or method in which it changes and mangles the incoming audio?
    3. Though this isn't likely, I'm wondering if there's anyone in the DFW area who has one of these pedals and we could hook up so I could see how well I could use and navigate the controls before committing to the purchase of such an expensive piece of hardware/

    I know that this pedal has been around for a while so maybe there's a used one that I can get.

    Thanks for any help you might be able to provide regarding this question.


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    Hey, Scott.

    The pedal does have several function knobs but no menu diving. Each dial is very responsive and the feedback you get from adjusting each one will be immediate. It has 100 presets and those alone will keep you pretty satisfied without much programming.

    Outside of the Strymon Big Sky, the Space is about as good a digital pedal reverb you can get. Nothing sounds quite like it. Eventide pedals are pretty extensive when it comes to modulation but the dials move through the parameters so quickly that any slight tweaking will yield results that you should be able to make out.

    Perhaps a local store will break one out for you to try.
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      Hi there. I did get this pedal from a dude on craigslist for less than I would have bought it from a dealer and here's the issue I'm having.
      I have the out of the eventide going into the in of the roland and the out of the roland going in to the in of the eventide and I have the USB of the roland going to my computer.

      Since the roland acts as a sound card, my assumption was that it would pass the processed audio from the eventide, which is hooked up as described above, to the USB going to the computer.

      However, that doesn't seem to be happening and I was wondering if there was some setting in the roland that I have to change to make this work?

      I got out an old fasttrack pro which is a USB soundcard, hooked up the out of the roland to the in of the eventide and the out of the eventide to the two ins on the soundcard, hooked that up via USB and the signal sent through, though there is some clicking and popping. I never really liked the but I bought it a long time ago and wanted to at least see if I could get something working before purchasing the pedal.

      In my mind, if it works going through an external soundcard that is USB, it would seem logical that it should work the way I was thinking with the Roland since it's also a USB interface.

      I'd like to have as little as possible in terms of connections and devices going because, it seems to me that if I introduce a second soundcard if I really don't need one, signal degredation may start to occur.
      Thanks for any further thoughts. I just need to hire someone to set all this up for me so I can just focus on the music.