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tired of my drum machine any suggestions?

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  • tired of my drum machine any suggestions?

    i have had this Alesis SA-16 for years now, i have watch demos on how to program it. i have to say i am in no way going to spend 2 hours to program a 3-5 minute song, so i have always ran it through Signal processor and added depth and flavor that way. thats fine and all but you can only go so long using presets because its the same 8 measure over and over again. i rather plug my guitar into some deep reverb and get after it, then attempt to program this 80's tech. don't get me wrong love the 80's sound thats why i choose it to begin with. i am looking for something easy to program (user friendly) with some nice textures that won't cost a full pay check to get. any suggestions would be awesome!

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    In the box or hardware?


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      Important question. Depending on your preferences, it might be worth looking into sound source and controller/sequencer separately.


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        If it's hardware you want then I think your budget could limit you to, ultimately, variations on what you've got (Zoom, boss etc). Maybe one of the cheaper analog boxes (akai rhythm wolf, korg volta etc) could be worth a look; I think easier to program but obviously more electronic sounds than 'real' drum sounds. Not sure any other drum machines have that easy 'roland' style step sequencer programming for less than big bucks.

        I feel your pain though, I remember well fussing over my boss 550ii, spending longer on putting together a simple drum part than the rest of the track. Once I played with software drum machines then I was never going back to the hunt and peck programming of a hardware box.

        Are you totally anti-computer in this decision? You could theoretically pick up one of those cheap windows tablets doing the rounds and load something like ableton live lite (free with hardware or on the forums) which has a good drum rack implementation. Takes a little while to learn it but then easy programming with unlimited drum sounds in a small portable format.
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          i am not opposed to using software, not sure whats is worth using. i have been in bands with live drummers for so long it has only been the last two years where i haven't been apart of a live group. i have had this drum machine for years. it time to move on! i generally play and record live, so i would need something i could play along with. i would have to figure out how to run it into my power amp and monitors. thank you for any help you can provide


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            I use midi to control my drum tracks, and use axon, abletons own drum racks, or Liquid Rhythm. This sometimes sends people into fits of apoplexy, as they will point out that the squencing built into the drum machines I own is probably more accurate, but whatever. I don't know if the Alesis has midi in, but that's worth it.


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              yes it does have a midi. what kinda midi controller do you use? i am not to savy on midi.


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                You can use the machine you already have as a controller. You can use some software to make new drum sounds/patterns fairly easily.

                First you will need to get your SR-16 plugged up to a computer. Here are some options on Amazon.

                If you are wanting to also record guitars, vocals, or other hardware you will need an audio interface. Here are a few simple ones on amazon, just to give you an idea. Some of these audio interfaces also have MIDI ports, so that will eliminate the need for a MIDI to USB adapter.

                Forgive me if you are already familiar with all of this, I am assuming you are an experienced musician, but just haven't done a lot of computer-based recording yet. If you are unfamiliar with computer recording, there are a ton of people here who can help you decide what interface would do best for your needs and get you up and running in no time.

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                  I use software as a midi controller; along with ableton's drum racks-- each part of the drums typically has a corresponding note; for on an analog four, for example, the kick is mapped to c-2; you just set up the drum rack to 'map' the kit and use whatever controller you;d like. I'll try and remember to post screenshots or something for you.


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                    Vermona DRM1 + FX boxes are very sound design combo. Very easy to operate but has no built in sequencer.
                    A lot of noise and metal sounds, whistles, melodic drums. + Extra punch kick as a bonus