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  • Korg Electribe 2 series..

    Anybody using the Korg Electribe 2 series (sampler or synth)

    I currently own a Novation Circuit, and I am somewhat frustrated by the limited step/loop setup it currently employs. Yes great for getting simple ideas down but not ideal for long duration pads even with automation. (if you work around the limited bar length, and automate filters, you're ultimately contained within 8 bars)

    I'd love a dedicated synth unit, e.g. Elektron units are fantastic but at $1300+ way beyond my reach.


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    I use one and find that it works well for ambient, I haven't used the Novation Ciruit though. On electribe2 synth you get access to 4 16step sequences and you have pattern chaining that allows you to link these patterns together as many times as you would like. I think it actually works better for Ambient than any other type of music.. many peoples complaints about it are its not as good for EDM type stuff as the older models were. I always slow down the BPM on it for ambient so I can get more time out of each pattern. There is a modulation function as well as automation on knobs if you want to self animate some. Lot of videos on youtube of people using them for ambient so I would check it out.