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For Hardware based compositions- none better than Korg Kronos 2 synth workstation

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  • For Hardware based compositions- none better than Korg Kronos 2 synth workstation

    I recently obtained a personal loan to buy a keyboard and chose the Korg Kronos 2 88-key synth workstation.

    As you can probably tell, I'm pretty jazzed about this latest acquisition as it has freed me from having to depend entirely on the p.c. for daw and VSTi solutions. In point of fact, I've been composing almost entirely on it since I got it set up in my studio.

    The best thing about the Kronos is that it is expandable and updates are provided for its O.S. pretty regularly. With the Kronos you have the capability of sampling and importing new soundbanks in a variety of formats including soundfont 2 files, which I think is pretty awesome. Here are some images I uploaded.

    The learning curve for most of the functions on this keyboard are not too demanding as it's a pretty intuitive machine, but for sampling, I'm still doing my homework as there is a lot involved. I've managed to create a sample-based voice already with a not-really-impressive vocal sample, but I hope to get much better at it in the next six months.

    If you want a machine that can pretty much do it all, without having to rely on pc's, DAWs and VSTi's, although it will run them through the MIDI usb cable, and you have some cash outlay to work with, then this is probably the machine for you.
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    Yeah, the Kronos is on my list for when I hit the Powerball lottery...I'm pretty green with envy right about now!
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      Yeah..yet another one to add to the list.


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        I use Korg Kross 2 ‚Äč