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  • Korg iM1

    Korg released the iM1 for iPad and it sounds pretty good! I've always had a liking for the M1 sound though I never actually had one. I did have an M3R....which I eventually sold....and then several years later bought again. . Eventually sold it when the Korg VSTi version came out.

    WRT the iM1 - very similar to the VSTi version. You do have an adjustable filter. In-app purchases for two sets of exansion 'cards'. Korg was running an intro price of $19.99 and then $4.99 for each card set. So basically for $30 I have a decent sounding M1 emulation that can exchange patches with the VST or hardware versions! Pretty cool!

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    many years ago, in the mid 90s, I had an M3R ... I think I did my first more ambient track with it :thumbsup:


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      Yeah, I bought the iM1 just recently while it was on sale for $14.99 and the card sets were $3.99.. very happy I did! Should have bought Wavestation while it was on sale- oh, well- I'll wait until it goes on sale again, which it will at some point!


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        Yep they sure do! I bought the Wavestation.... I used to have the hardware SR...sold it when the Vsti came out and then bought the iOS version. Oddly enough I don't use it much these days...but I feel 'I need it' or I might be missing something, lol.


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          I just bought the iWavestation- it went on sale until August 28th for $14.95... I knew if I waited long enough I would catch it on sale! Bought the expansion pack too...