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All Jack Dark/DarkWare/Novuzeit effects and synths + Source code

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  • All Jack Dark/DarkWare/Novuzeit effects and synths + Source code

    Please, download, save, spread and use creatively - for this community and future generations ;)

    After Jack Dark abandoned his VST projects, various download locations for his complete collection
    of plug-ins appear and disappear. So MediaFire link provided is a real chance to download and secure all those unique plug-ins - and source codes, too. Link provided by courtesy of KVR user "eidenk".

    Please, let me know if link dies, so I will provide new one.
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    Great all Plugins in this download are useless because there arent all files there for the plugins to run correctly, o a error message pops up if a program is trying to load some if the vst's. In every single vst-plugin is the folder with the necceessary files for the plugins to run are missing, why?
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