This week, I bring to you an ambient/IDM release from an artist called Tryphème. Under the title "to pick musics up?" it is only available on Bandcamp, which is linked below. It is populated by a great deal of bouncy synths and the occasional resonant percussion. The sparse vocals that appear on a few tracks add interest to the mix.

Through these instrumentals, one can get lost in even everyday activities. As is the repetitive nature of the record, it blends with the essence of the simplest activities. Minor changes over time cause the tracks to evolve as they go on, and force the listener to observe closely. The airiness in the thinned synths lets the listener "fill in their own blanks" so to speak. With the addition of the raw field recordings, each track seems to ascend to another level of depth, whether it be a tinge of warmth or a gust of cold wind.

The variance between the tracks is all tightly bound together by a slow progression in sound throughout the entire album, as if each song was intended to lead to the next. Though sometimes abrupt and sometimes less noticeable, the transition is always smooth.

Tracks like "third void" and "walking through the choir" create something of a soundscape, "third void" being filled with thin pads and synths; "walking through the choir" being more bass-y and arpeggiating. Tracks such as "bird in cage" and "a green valley" are classic IDM breakbeat-ish ballads, with echoed reverberating drums. The track "rimbaud's" soft-slapping bass and humming vocal exclamations pay a wordless tribute to the French poet, Arthur Rimbaud.

The record comes to a head at the second-to-last track, "never c'est never," with saw-waves, sparse percussion and thin vocals leading up to the end of the track. The album reaches its end with "outro," made up largely of glimmering synths and an unintelligible vocal sample that eats up the mix until the track fades away into emptiness.

The album captures the drone of life, as many ambient albums do, yet it has a quality of interest that can represent the wonder we feel as human beings, even in such a seemingly hopeless world. It is a breath of fresh air.

Listen here:

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