This week, I bring you an ambient/drone release from an artist called Tomotsugu Nakamura. Under the title "color of the sentence," it is only available Bandcamp to my knowledge (linked below). The album is is heavily populated by twinkling guitar harmonics as well as presumably granular soft-synths which create a landscape of serenity in the mind of the listener. This EP truly defines ease of the mind paired with peace of surroundings. This release is very much a drone EP, nonetheless, it will keep the listener interested throughout its runtime through its almost atonal qualities.

Throughout its roughly fifteen minute play-time, the EP changes tone with each new track. Through these changes, however, the tracks hold to a similar theme. This theme, as I interpret it, is one of peace and tranquility in a menial existence. It represents the beauty in simple things. The grainy tape-looped guitar harmonics add a low-fidelity sound to the otherwise clear mix, almost as if to show how there is beauty in imperfection. This EP is a slow progresser, but it only goes to show how wonderful things can be found in thin simplicity.

This release epitomizes tranquility amid a storm. It is a soft gale among whipping zephyrs.

Listen here: