Today, I bring to you Leyland Kirby's album "Sadly, the future is no longer what it was." I find it highly likely you might know Leyland Kirby, as he goes by many monikers, the most famous of these being The Caretaker. Especially famous, the album "Everywhere at the end of time" which made his "Caretaker" moniker so known.

This album is an ambient/modern classical masterpiece. In his own words, it is "an opus of loss, desire and bewilderment at current situations." I find it to be oddly comforting through its reverb-drenched melodious piano and synths. It resonates with the emptiness of human existence, radiating a solemn sadness that brings around catharsis by its end.

The album consists greatly of long tracks which layer atop each other is a harmony unmatched by other works of similar stature. The track titles create just as much of an atmosphere as the music does. The final track "And at dawn armed with a glowing patience, we will enter the cities of glory" has a title that, on its own, makes me feel such indescribable emotions. This track closes the album with a sombre hope. The resonance of this album is truly indescribable.

You can listen to the album below: