Today, I bring you my second Thursday of release. This A/B single was out for the holidays, and this blog entry was supposed to follow shortly after. Frankly, every Thursday since then, I've either forgotten to make an entry or haven't made the time to do so.

Now, in my lateness, I give you a brief description of what these tracks are meant to be about.

The single consists of my rendition of the traditional English song "Greensleeves" as well as a remix of the former. I chose this track for the holidays due to its universality. While yes, it is generally considered a holiday song, it is a song that could be heard year round without direct context to the holiday season.

I intended the reverb drenched guitar to echo on memories of seasons past and to create a type of nostalgia. The synths are only meant to layer atop this effect. It is a short track, but it hold its ground in the musical realm, having been composed originally in 1580. The field recording in that of a simple fire crackling; the sound of a golf cart's motor humming in the far background. I took the field recording while on a camping trip with a close friend of mine.

The remix is slowed to half time, with an extra layer of reverb added to truly bring out the ringing of the guitar. The field recording was intentionally magnified for this rendition. Crickets' chirps can be clearly heard, but they were weak at the time. When the field recording was taken, Fall was drawing to a close and winter was beginning to set in. The remix gives off a much darker tone, yet it is more peaceful in nature.

I also created a music video to accompany the main track, which can be found on YouTube and is linked below. The footage was taken on a trip I took with a friend (the same one the field-recording camping trip was taken with). The footage comes from the upper edges of Nebraska, as well as South Dakota and Iowa. It is intended to create an over-arching aura peacefulness and calm.

This release was meant to encompass my holiday experience this year, and it likely will have encompassed you, the reader's, as well. Isolated, cold and dark. Yet in its undertones it still expresses a hope for the future and a shining memory, that of pasts long gone.

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