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I didn't think I'd be posting in here...

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  • I didn't think I'd be posting in here...

    I am far from being a graphic artist, that's for sure, but someone around these parts introduced me to JWildfire and there is no music getting done at the moment.

    Here's my latest "band" logo:-

    It's a bit simplistic, considering I used a flame fractal generator, but I liked that aspect of the image.

    I think I need to bin the synkrotron text though... I've been using that for over fifteen years and I have become a little bit too attached to it.

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    Okay... Thanks to a good friend of my son's, a graphic designer by trade, I've now got a new synkrotron logo. He provided me with a flat file that he had created in Illustrator. I brought the image into my CAD package and traced over it so that I could turn it into a 3D version... Added a few coloured spot lights and rendered it.

    Brought the new logo, along with a JWildfire image, into Gimp and come up with this:-

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        Thanks Bruce :D

        Just winging the JWildfire bit... I spend more time thinking "ooohhh... that's nice" and not even knowing how on earth I created it. Just not predictable at all to me haha!

        I've created about fifty flames today and I've just set a batch render going on half a dozen of the better ones... I'll be back...


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          Okay... I'm having so much fun with this fractal stuff. I've now got around 75 flames, some usable, some not so.

          Here's another logo:-


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            The latest one is my favorite. Would make a great design on a disc.


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              Originally posted by aoVI View Post
              The latest one is my favorite. Would make a great design on a disc.
              Aye! :D

              It's unlikely that I'll release a disc nowadays, but for some reason I am being drawn to circular symmetrical designs.

              Here are some more circular designs:-

              These next three are created with just the colour white:-

              (can't take the full credit for this next one because it came from the "Mutagen" module within JWildfire)

              And this one is almost circular, but I just like looking at it



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                Have you ever looked at Processing? I've played around with it some, the video tutorials make it pretty easy(or at least less intimidating, I don't code much better than I can draw). You might have fun with it as well. And you can incorporate music into it too.


                Just on the graphics side, I've seen some pretty amazing things being done with it(including some album covers), animations especially
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                  Thanks, I'll check out those links


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                    I loved each of these and was only admiring your rotating text logo the other day!
                    Jwildfire is awesome!
                    New version coming soon too!
                    I like the b&w ones for their simple impact... but each has a aesthetic appeal, hard to pick a winner...
                    have you tried Mandelbulber (Mac) or Mandelbulb 3D (pc)?
                    Here are a couple I made with Mandelbulber:



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                      Hi Jason,

                      Thanks for checking in here. I know you are quite into your graphic art so I appreciate your comments

                      My rotating logo is over fifteen years old now and I don't have any of the original files that I used to create this, so just the gif left now. I created the 3D stuff in AutoCAD, because that is what I use in my day job as a designer. I then imported the solids into Max in order to create the movement. Good times, and I've not done anything like it since.

                      I'm sticking with JWildfire for now, and just the 2D stuff. I've had a play with MB3D but not had much joy with it. Short attention span I think and I just went back to JWF just because it was so much easier to use and the results, even in 2D, are far better than anything that I could achieve using any other means.

                      Your MB3D images are bloomin marvelous. Have you tried animating them yet? I watched a great video last year that used over ten minutes of animated MB3D footage. At least I think it was... It certainly looked like MB3D anyway.

                      Regarding the B&W stuff... I like that myself... I created a very simple palette of just black and white just for this and it works a treat. I also love the stark geometric shapes you can produce and, again, I'd not be able to produce this stuff in any other way.


                      andy :D


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                        Hi Andy, thanks for checking out the images, glad you enjoyed!
                        Haven't done any anims yet... who knows... maybe, I know the principles, it's just a matter of time... it would tie up my Mac for a while... I alpha test for Terragen so that amongst everything else gobbles up my cpu and gpu time!
                        I have made some gifs and small loops and some extended slideshows on my iPhone of late, but nothing more serious than that... I'll keep you posted!
                        Sorry for the hijack!


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                          Originally posted by ID_23 View Post
                          Hi Andy, thanks for checking out the images, glad you enjoyed!
                          No probs dood :D

                          I particularly enjoy looking at computer generated artwork, so as always, the pleasure is mine ;)




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                            Really like the b&w designs. They are very cool. Excellent work, Andy.

                            p.s. how do you post such large images? The default is just tiny thumbnails.
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                              Originally posted by Maharg View Post
                              Really like the b&w designs. They are very cool. Excellent work, Andy.

                              p.s. how do you post such large images? The default is just tiny thumbnails.
                              Hiya Graham,

                              I had missed this post, apologies.

                              Thanks, I'm glad you liked my images. I must admit that I enjoyed checking out your artwork on your website the other week. Proper stuff too, not computer generated :D

                              As for the images, I guess that's because I upload them to my own webspace and link to them from there.