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Greetings from California

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  • Greetings from California

    Introduce yourself
    hello i love ambient music and love to create more of it and i think this forum will help inspire me to do so, i also run a label that releases ambient along with psychill and psydub called synchronos recordings. i also dj and sponsored some amazing labels from all over the world including Cosmicleaf, Mindspring and Astropilot and six degrees being my first sponsor a while back and some others disclosed.

    Tell us how did you discover ambient?
    it was checking out my friends events in the city i remember checking out a big chill event in sf and met my good firend dylan who goes by DF TRAM and he invited me to his weekly at 26mix and that is where i discover ambient through his parties with ambi-sonic.

    Have You found your sound?
    i am still developing it and think i need to improve my ambient realm a bit more, alot of times i just use sample packs and i think for ambient i want to utilize my analog gear and softsynths and vsts

    Tell us about your gear revolutions
    just experimenting and recording and applying effects and experimenting with sounds in the software

    Tell us about your most valued tools
    i have a dx7, korg module, computer, a guitar, koto, bass

    What do you do besides music?
    photography traveling and gaming and collecting things

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    Welcome to Ambient Online! As you explore our forum I'm sure you'll find inspiration and info on ambient music techniques. Most of all...enjoy!


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      welcome and enjoy :-)


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          Hi Chlorophil

          Welcome to the ambient online community
          I may not post anything useful, but at least I do it often

          Latest release - Neutrino available on Bandcamp

          Bandcamp // SoundCloud // YouTube


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            thanks everyone =)


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              Hi Chlorophil,

              welcome to the forum. Where is your music? I'd like to listen to it.




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                thanks i have some stuff on different things, here is my soundcloud,, i have mixes and some production on there, and then my latest ep on my record label on bandcamp, https://synchronos-recordings.bandca.../the-great-eld, also releases on other various labels compilations, try doing a search for my name!!


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